About Ruth

Ruth Stern, Transformational Business Coach- My passion is to coach Conscious Entrepreneurs who have a mission to serve and make a difference but who struggle to make the income they desire. I show you how to create a 6 figure income, attract your ideal clients while doing the work you love. I show you how to be empowered by releasing the limiting beliefs that hold you back from success; combining powerful strategies with cutting-edge mindset techniques.

My gift is to lift people up; show you new ways to believe in yourself and open the door to infinite possibilites in your life and business! My ultimate commitment is to help you step into your own greatness to achieve both inner and outer success , and to have the tools to make your dreams into reality!

My Journey
10 years ago, I would have never thought of myself as an entrepreneur. I was  a mental health counselor in private practice and always thought that in my line of work, I could never make big money. I didn’t get into this work to make a lot of money. My passion was solely to make a difference in people’s lives and become a guide to move into a more joyful loving life.
In my “humbleness”, I struggled to make ends meet and being in debt; while raising my daughter as a single parent. This idea that being spiritual means you can’t and shouldn’t be rich didn’t make sense anymore; especially as I watched colleagues and others I admired do great work and become wealthy.

And so….I became a student of the Law of Attraction and later Emotional Freedom Techniques. I changed my scarcity thinking into an abundance mentality and I took a leap of faith. I left my salary job and ventured out into my own to pursue my dreams. I wanted to have a practice where I continued to do the work I love and be of service and have a lucrative income.  Combined with immersing myself in lots of marketing tools, I rose from $35,000 to six figures!

People in my field started asking me how I did this….so I developed  my Business coaching program about 4 years ago. I created my Client Attraction Blueprint Program- to show others how to develop their business with heart centered techniques ; so entreprenerus like me who struggle would not have to repeat the same mistakes. It is through my experiences (the good and the not so good)..I now know that one of the most important keys to success is… to have a balance of “feeding your soul”- the inner game of self love and self care and the outer game of taking inspired action!  With this formula, the sky is limit!!

An exceptional facilitator and teacher at heart, Ruth is known for teaching courses in business growth/client attraction and personal transformation. She delivers training for group and private one on one training in her Client Attraction blueprint program. Ruth's work is a unique combination of the “inner and outer.” She has helped thousands of her counseling and coaching clients release life-long limiting beliefs, overcome fears and learn how to market and sell in their business in a way that actually feels authentic, sustainable, and creating a lucrative income.

Ruth is creator of the Success Mindset Breakthrough Program, and 4 Steps To Blissful Sleep (program to heal insomnia). As a nationally certified EFT Trainer, Ruth has trained over 200 professionals in EFT - Emotional freedom Techniques.